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Our company provides complex solutions to create or develop a private label and offers both cosmetic formulations and products with a full co-packing. We are also able to prepare cosmetics bulk, powders and godets in different sizes.

We provide support and help in every stage of the project:

  • creating formula, colour, product marketing concepts,
  • product research and development in a research and development laboratory,
  • packaging search and support in packaging graphic design,
  • production process organisation,
  • logistics support.

We specialise in adjusting our offer to the clients' needs, thus offering professional and premium cosmetics as well as those for the mass market.

We can boast with a long experience and a rich technical infrastructure. In addition, the company has two research and development laboratories, where new recipes are created.

Our company supports its clients in creating their own unique cosmetics trough:

  • developing the recipes,
  • preparing product documentation,
  • laboratory tests,
  • safety assessment/safety reports,
  • seeking of resources,
  • assistance in packaging selection,
  • cosmetic formulation preparation,
  • co-packing,
  • assistance in registering a finished product in CPNP.